African Masterpiece & Fashion

African artistic fashion by Gidigba label

There is nothing like coming out different and special, it’s a good feeling😊😊
Your presence will be bold, African, cultural, artistic, unique, out of the box, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. You are stared at, like a masterpiece (which you are) created by the old masters of art.
The artistic fashion gives you a GIDIGBA feeling- a distinct & bold outing, any day and anytime. Gidigba Label.
Photography by Nickartimpression.

an African artistic fashion by Gidigba label


Fashion & Painting

painting and fashion

Like drought, dry season hunger for the rainfall or like a child waiting for her mum to return home from a long journey, she sits close to the widow staring and waiting to catch a glimpse of her coming. That is how I miss my canvas.
That feeling is channeled into fashion, my own definition of fashion from a painter’s perspective.