African Masterpiece & Fashion

African artistic fashion by Gidigba label

There is nothing like coming out different and special, it’s a good feeling😊😊
Your presence will be bold, African, cultural, artistic, unique, out of the box, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. You are stared at, like a masterpiece (which you are) created by the old masters of art.
The artistic fashion gives you a GIDIGBA feeling- a distinct & bold outing, any day and anytime. Gidigba Label.
Photography by Nickartimpression.

an African artistic fashion by Gidigba label


Fashion & Painting

painting and fashion

Like drought, dry season hunger for the rainfall or like a child waiting for her mum to return home from a long journey, she sits close to the widow staring and waiting to catch a glimpse of her coming. That is how I miss my canvas.
That feeling is channeled into fashion, my own definition of fashion from a painter’s perspective.

Painting & Fashion Designing.

painting and fashion designing by Gidigba Label

Fashion designing, painting…….. All in one, it is beyond the fabric or cloth, it is the creative mind of an artist. You don’t just wear only the cloth, you wear the artist- masterpiece, his pleasure, peace, happiness, pain, excitement………
An African Artistic Fashion- Gidigba Label.


Artistic Wearable Art by Gidigba Label

I am addicted to freshness and vibrancy in my sense of expression, when it’s not fresh it’s not me- an African artistic wearable art by Gidigba Label.
African artistic fashion by Gidigba label


Fresh Artistic Fashion Ideology.

African artistic fashion by Gidigba Label

A bold expression of my imagination, everything is planned from the mind, my sketch pad is the mind. The way it comes it is expressed, ignoring rules and principles, proportion…… All I want to see is the raw, fresh and concentrated ideology.
An African Artistic Fashion ideology………… Gidigba Label.