WORDS FOR DADDY, Title: On Father and the Day Marking Him.

Father's Day thought- I love my daddy

  • Thinking of Father’s Day, and consequently my father, brings a rush of emotions, many, significantly unpleasant. Growing up, far away from understanding myself, I had seen myself father perhaps as how every young child sees his father-a god, a protector,the someone to please, the someone to make sure you didn’t get into any mischief, one who could beat you, one who you must fear.

    Now, when I look back, I wonder if that idolised, idealised image of father wasn’t the best to have. It after all requires no effort but puerile ignorance from you. Now that, as the saying goes, I have grown teeth, I have failed miserably to think of my dad like my younger self had. Now, I see myself in capacity enough to judge my dad’s every action towards us. This is unfair, that is irresponsible. I can, in words and numbers, say the many things wrong with a particular decision my dad has taken regarding family. But I know that it is perhaps the newness of this- my being able to assess and judge Father’s wrong actions, for it is the wrong ones I’m concerned about- that gives me the boldness to self righteously condemn his wrong-doings. I cannot however dispute this fact: dad is a dad; I’m not. Then again, dad is ‘the’ dad; I’m not. From my tone, I sound hypocritical then. Condemning myself for my stance, and still continuing in my ways. This is because I aim for a balance.

    I want people and indeed myself to read this and see a son- not a stupid child. I understand my father- a kind man with many plans gone sour. I understand his faults already, how it eats at him that certain things didn’t fit into his design for our lives, his frustration at how he can no longer stably give us what he had so desired- security. This is why I say I’m not a child but a grown man. Can I now say that I’m ready to become a father? Of course not. For the courage alone, to leave bachelorhood, settle down and start a family, he deserves my everlasting respect. What I really want is father-son understanding. That understanding that goes deeper than words,than signs, than blood- too much to ask perhaps. What I truly want is that understanding that makes daddy know when not to say certain things and when to say something. When to be all smiles and when to be stern and serious. When to hold tightly and when to loosen that grip. And if someone thinks that by desiring this, I equally desire to control my dad, they cannot be more far from the truth. But I could be accused of wanting perfection, yes I could. So for Father’s Day, I’ll wish for this, as unrealistic, unattainable as it may be. I won’t wish for a completely changed father who would do as I command. Nor would I wish for a dad who would buy me the whole world and protect me, with money, from the world’s strains. And no, not a little of another person’s dad in mine nor a totally perfect dad, no. Just that understanding, that transcends all.

    Yes, lets dance and wave the flag or do what it is that is done on Father’s Day. lets celebrate these men- breadwinners- who’d brought other men and women, as they also were brought, into this world. lets celebrate these set of humans whose decisions have ultimately made, for good or bad, the lives of us; sons and daughters. lets not seethe at another wrong doing, but remember the good times. And if there be no one to pinpoint in recent memory, lets go back to our early years and remember that he’s the one first tied our shoe laces, taught us to press our little shirts, rode us on his back every evening even though he was tired, gave us, from time to time, pieces of invaluable advice, even if we don’t remember what they were about, disciplined us to stop that bad habit, the bad thing that could have ruined our lives, protected us. Lets remember that he was there for us when everywhere was dark, that he was there for us when we shouted ‘daddy, daddy, daddy,’ in our little excited voices as he came back from work. Lets not forget, never forget, the special memories, funny or serious, bright or dark, that we spent with him. Because,here is the day of deep reflection on that special person. I, for one, am glad I have a daddy I can celebrate today. For I know, I could not have been this person, if not for his hands- no matter how harsh I thought it was then- that moulded me. His arms that cocooned me from the roughness of life. His mouth that advised me on what and what not to do,say, be. And having said all these, one thing only remains to be said: Thank you daddy! Thank you very much sir! I love you!


WRITE, DRAW THE POETRY- A Gentleman’s Promise.

Poetry sketch

A Gentleman’s Promise

When the rains should decide

To come in cats and dogs, in deluge,

I shall be there with my brolly.

I shall cover you from its miaows and barks

And furl not til it ceases.

I shall sweep you off your feet

And carry you through mire and murky

To my home where I shall put you

On a throne of gold and purple velvet

Your feet cushioned in matching hassock

I shall bestow you with gifts and my service.

Where no man had thought to kiss you,

In that place, shall i, if you permit

I shall put in your tongue praise for me

And bring out sounds from you,

You didn’t fancy existed.

I shall take you to Papa and Mama

This is who I love, I shall say

To Pastor and church

And before God I shall say I do

We shall become one.

It shall be We against the world

We bearing offsprings

We building together a family

Time shall count away

And senility greet us

We shall have conquered the world

And decide to conquer hereafter next

We shall leave together.

But even as we leave

My promise shall be as potent

As when I first uttered it.

                                                                                                     Nicholaus  Abiebhode

PHOTO POETRY: Call It Orison If Thou Mayest.

Photograph of an African Poetry..

Call It Orison If Thou Mayest

Thou creative talent

When hast thou taken me to?

To which palace hast thou made my feet grace?

What food hast mine plate been filled with because of thee?

What raiment hast thou adorned my back with?

Which lip hast thou made my name a constant hymn?

Thou talent.

Is thy purpose for me hope alone?

Hast thou not any plan to make me

Famous and in good fortune?

Prithee to tell me thy agenda,

For mine eyes look thy way daily

And thy failing have been brought to bear.

Bring me thee, fame and fortune

And give hope and promise thy deserved rest

For if thou obey me not

I shall turn to mine hands for daily bread

And thou shall perish in silence.

                                                                                              Nicholaus Abiebhode

PAINTING/POETRY- He and Humanity.

Abstract painting on  chipboard

He and Humanity

A: Hide all sharp objects’

He’s coming.

B: What about his sharper tongue?

We are still in danger!

A: Stay mute in the dark

He’ ld be here soon.

B: Forget it, he ‘ld feel for us

We still in danger!

A: We can run away together

It will take moment for him to miss us.

B: Then he ‘ll come for us in full force

And we ‘ll have nowhere to hide

‘Cos, we are gold fishes in his vision

And his ire and wrath shall fall on us

We are still in danger.

A: Than let’s end it all,

Take our lives- the one he threatens.

B: To what end shall that act bring?

He ‘ld be merciless to the others

Remember there are others

They are still in danger!

A: Let’s kill him! Let’s end it all!

B: Young mind, you fail to understand

He is immortal, he lives in us humans,

He ‘ll never die.

We are all in danger!

A: Let’s extricate, exorcise him out of us

B: We ‘ll lose ourselves too,

Understand, we can do nothing.

A: That’s it? Are we hopeless?

B: We are not hopeless,

We are him, he is us.

It is in our accepting and facing him,

That we conquer,

That we become overcomers of him,

That we are no longer in danger.

                                                                                                     Nicholaus Abiebhode

THOUGHTS ON PHOTO/POETRY- An Artist Plight II: Shattered Dream.

Photo concept and though by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor.

An Artist Plight II: Shattered Dream.

Reading with lizards

Sleeping with rats

Plates of yesteryears

Still on my floor

Which is by the way creaking,

Wood rot.

Don’t knock on the door

Don’t tap on the floor

Don’t look through the window

You may break something

You just can’t pay for.

Where’s my bottle?

Where’s its cork where i sip from?

My shaek’s so spacious

I can’t move easily

But spacious it is

Accommodates me, rats and creatures

Its wall are just as beautiful

With moss and mushrooms

To make a pot of soup

My house’s paint ‘d with the word


Don’t pity me or my surrounding

I have a plan

When I’m through with my book

For I’m a writer,

I’ Id make it.

It’s pages are now useful on my floor

Squeezed and forming a pagoda,

A heap of beauty.

Ironic! How useful it is now on my floor

Publishers thought it was not marketable

They thought wrong!

However I tired to rewrite

They thought wrong still!

They should set the beauty on my floor

And regret their arses off.

I won’t listen to them anymore,

I ll just live with the beauty on my floor.

                                                                                                     Nicholaus Abiebhode

Daily African Photo/Poetry- SPIRIT OF EKI.

Photo of  Nigeria street market.

Spirit of Eki

The sounds of iron door opening up for the day,

Sun rays creeping into open stalls

High lighting inviting commodities unsold,

Be it alive, perishable, inanimate, it’s there.

Shading is an ironic word for displaying goods

Come rain and sunshine

Market will always be market, buoyant

“Aunty, buy” calls out a seller,

Another is like ” Big boy, I have what you want.”

They know your minds, these sellers,

They have seen the longings in your eyes

They have understand your dreams,

Reveries you are yet to fantom.

Haggle as you may, you can never cheat them

They gain times over.

The place who salves man’s needs

Nothing shall remain unproperous in this place

No one shall come and go empty handed,

No soul shall come and go without a big smile

Everyone is satisfied here.

Although the market shuts its eyes

It is never fully asleep

It’s there for the needy’s need to be met.

For man to exist,

Market must.

                                                                                             Nicholaus  Abiebhode

PHOTO THOUGHTS/POETRY- A New Day: Happy – Go – Lucky Feeling Tada!!!

every day African photo concept.

A New Day! Happy – Go – Lucky Feeling Tada!!!

Sings the melodies of my heart

As I open my eyes to sunshine

I get off bed with a bounce

And that bounce fills my heart,

My mind, my blood, oh my, oh my!

And I lief dance around and about.

What is it I begin to ask my inner man

Have you found out a big secret about me

From the Lord of Host?

Did He tell you something really great

That’s happening to me today?

Am I gonna get a promotion or

Is money smiling my way today?

Or am I gonna meet someone beautiful

Tell me inner man, what do you say?

Come on, come on, tell me the great secret

I know something really good is coming my way

Else you wouldn’t wake me to such sweet mood

Of internal bliss and external birthe.

If a large meal of greatness is mine today

At least give me a morsel of it

So that if I’m asked why I’ m so light hearted

I’ I d have something to say.

If such fore knowledge exist

Prithee let me be a guest of it

For I haven’t see any sign of such brightness

Except the one emanating from my inner man.

                                                                                                           Nicholaus Abiebhode