Art/Painting on the Wall.

Mural Painting for  Primary and Nursery school. 2

Recently, i check through my photo archives and i came across this photos of mural/wall paintings which i did for a primary/nursery school last year in September. I almost forget about these photos, at least to share it with my lovely viewers……….

Wall mural painting for primary and nursery school. 1

Mural Painting for  Primary and Nursery school.

I did not had time to snap each stages of the art and even myself at work. It was due to the weather at that period, the raining season. I was almost creating the art in a hurry, it was raining every day which made working frustrating and i have to finish the work before school resumption. However, I was able to meet up.

Below are photos of my working space, materials, stencils after finishing the work.

Preparation, stencil for mural painting

Preparation, stencil for mural painting. 1