MIXED MEDIA ART: A Fusion of Colours, Texture, Newspapers, Yarn on Canvas

Colourful and vibrant  painting in mixed media of textured expression.

I am never satisfied with the use of few hues when painting; i love and enjoy variety of hues on my canvas. I believe and feel that the world should see colours through the eyes of a painter, beautiful and sweet colours from the mind of the artist. That is what I did- pouring my heart of colours.

The Impression II, this is the title of the mixed media painting, it is a fusion of newspapers, yarn, acrylic on canvas…….. “In nature light creates the colours. In the picture, colour creates the light” Hans Hofmann.



Dramatic Mixed media Painting in Newspapers, Yarn, Acrylic, Canvas……

Mixed media art, abstract painting in colours and texture

I have been staring at my system for days not knowing what to write or blog about this art piece. Its kind of frustrating, I told myself today- I have to blog about this dramatic mixed media painting. At least to express my passion for the art with my few nature lines.

This is a new kind of way to express my experimental mind with the use of broad strokes and the use of yarn to express contrast, movement and connectivity in the structural forms. I want to enjoy line movement with this art. The medium for the art are newspapers, papers, yarn, acrylic and canvas, dimension- 92cm/81cm, title- The Impression.


Mixed media Painting for an International Competition.

Mixed media painting, abstract art by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

This mixed media painting in papers, acrylic on canvas with a dimension 82/82cm, titled- Bight, Colorful Tomorrow, I created the painting in July 2014 for an international competition organized by United Arab flying emirate for their- The Emirate Skyward Future Artists– titled: Hello Tomorrow. It is done every year, where by one artists is selected for each section in painting/illustration, Photograph/Digital media and sculptureā€¦ I was short listed in painting/illustration but did not come out on top.

Whenever I look at the art it remind me of the feeling of competition, it is like painting for a specific purpose, which is to win. I love the feeling, it made me to do a lot of thinking during the period of creating the Mixed media art.

An African Portrait Painting on Pastel

This is one of my Portrait Painting on Pastel, done for a student of mine for her dad, which was commission or payed by her mum, in which she was looking for an artist that could paint a portrait of her husband then her daughter told her about her fine art teacher which is me. That was how this art came about.

I call this- my once in a while art. Portrait painting humble and make me to be patient when creating the art. I was please when my student, her siblings and mother saw the finished and framed work and was happy.

An African pastel Portrait Painting, art by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

The framed and glass portrait painting.

A framed and glassed African pastel Portrait Painting, art by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

A Mixed media painting of Colourful Expression

Expressive  mixed media painting of colours and texture by Akenbor Eghosa Raymond

This is one my Colourful Expressive Mixed media Painting titled “Dreaming in Excitement“. It is expressed with newspapers, papers, yarn, acrylic on canvas, it is an idea of my dream, a dream of colourful excitement with shapes and forms in a dynamic movement. View the painting and dream in excitement like me, colourful and undefined dream.

One thing for sure, you will enjoy this painting more when it’s seen face to face.