Painting on a Red Cloth.

Red African fashion wear for ladies.

Painting on a red cloth, a feminine simple short sleeve top and extension of my canvas……..


Oil on Paper Board: Imaginative City View.

Colourful Imaginary oil landscape painting on a  paper board.

The last time I painted with oil that should be in 2011 or later than that, the above art is a small sized oil painting on a paper board in a dimension of 30cm/40cm. The art is my imagination of a city view from a distance. A decorative and rhythmic expression of what goes on in each houses and their relevance to aesthetics of its environment.

Art Coaster Task: titled- “Kultural Black Flowers”

Kultural flowers in black by Akenbor Eghosa Raymond

It’s beautiful and a privileged for me to be part of a philanthropic project like this- Art Coaster Task, organized by an Austrian Contemporary Artists- Monika Mori. A post card show in which the proceeds goes to The Sterntalerhof, a philanthropic organization. In which I felt honored to be part of, because a talent or gift is given by God for one to add value to human life.

Black flowers was the theme of the project which I was interesting to me but I found the task a bit challenging because of the small sized surface. When one is used to designing on a large space, painting on a small surface becomes constraining. However I was able to open my mind to the surface and played and danced with lines, motifs, shape and space…. to painting my illustration titled- Kultural Black Flowers.