Painting on a Red Cloth.

Red African fashion wear for ladies.

Painting on a red cloth, a feminine simple short sleeve top and extension of my canvas……..


Oil on Paper Board: Imaginative City View.

Colourful Imaginary oil landscape painting on a  paper board.

The last time I painted with oil that should be in 2011 or later than that, the above art is a small sized oil painting on a paper board in a dimension of 30cm/40cm. The art is my imagination of a city view from a distance. A decorative and rhythmic expression of what goes on in each houses and their relevance to aesthetics of its environment.

Blogging the African Female Fashion Style.

Painting, designing the African top, wear for female

This is one of my design on a model, painting on fabric. A colourful pattern designed top,  an African fashion style for female. My Abstract Art on Cloth

Unique, colourful African Fashion style for female.


Art Coaster Task: titled- “Kultural Black Flowers”

Kultural flowers in black by Akenbor Eghosa Raymond

It’s beautiful and a privileged for me to be part of a philanthropic project like this- Art Coaster Task, organized by an Austrian Contemporary Artists- Monika Mori. A post card show in which the proceeds goes to The Sterntalerhof, a philanthropic organization. In which I felt honored to be part of, because a talent or gift is given by God for one to add value to human life.

Black flowers was the theme of the project which I was interesting to me but I found the task a bit challenging because of the small sized surface. When one is used to designing on a large space, painting on a small surface becomes constraining. However I was able to open my mind to the surface and played and danced with lines, motifs, shape and space…. to painting my illustration titled- Kultural Black Flowers.