Express the Creative Imaginations

You cannot wear the physical reality of the creative imagination of an individual & look normal it’s impossible, you will look different, elegant, outstanding, sleek, radiant, anywhere you step in. And this is my until most vision, to Express the Creative Imaginations on Cloth. Gidigba Label.
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The Artist Smile & Joy on Fabric.

The advent or conception of every design in the mind put a smile inside of me, as it metamorphosize into a defined picture waiting to be printed out from my mind. So I go about with this smile & joy inside of me in respective of short comings & limitations. With the knowing that something beautiful is about to be born- my brain child.
In a nutshell every of my Art on Fabric, canvas or any surface, is The Artist Smile And Joy.

THE MIND’S PORTFOLIO: Mixed-media Abstract Piece.

Being talented is inborn, being passionate about your talent or abilities is a decision. Developing, stretching your talent till it expound beyond normalcy it’s a concrete and life time decision which you have to contend and uphold with patience, consistency and dynamism.
For one to resolve to be and live as an artist is problematic. He wrestles with mental and physical issues like- acceptance, rejection, funding, originality, meeting basic needs……… Many artist give up and loss faith as they contend with the issues of being and living an artist.
I believe in the capability of passion, the inner feelings of satisfaction amidst forces that contend with being an artist, it fuels the inner strength. In all i take solace in the endowed portfolio of finished ,and unfinished paintings in my mind. I mentally visualize them hoping to bring them to my reality.
The above Mixed-media Abstract Piece is one of my reality from the mind’s portfolio. What you see, feel or imagine in the painting is your own title and definition.


Experimental African Artistic Fashion.

A state of being pliable is my hallmark of creation, there is nothing like mistakes, errors even when it seems to emanate in the process of creation, it will end up being a new way of thinking outside the box, a revolution of ideas.
The African artistic fashion is born out of experimenting and a search for a better way of expression of the artist creative liberty.


The African Artistic Fashion.

The African artistic fashion it’s best described as the festival of colours, patterns, rhythm, designs on a wear.


The African Artistic Fashion, Gidigba Label.

Simplicity, Dynamism, Freshness, Creativity, Uniqueness, Beauty, Inspiration……. All these are embedded in the above African Artistic Fashion. Gidigba Label.