Designing the African Wear with Lines

I am away from my canvas but close to fashion- painting on cloth and doing some sewing.

African fashion design wear in progress.....

A stage of one of my designing processes. I explore the simplify/dynamic aesthetics of lines. Line which is the foundation or skeletal form of every design. Just watching and feeling the movement of lines in motion.

a simple African ware, cloth design in colours and lines. 1

After finishing my African wear I felt like including more lines. I just have to live it at this.

a simple African ware, cloth design  in colours and lines. 2


My Daily Mobile Art.

wearing the African art. African painting, design on cloths.

I call this- Wear the Art all about, not hung on the wall but on someone’s chest- is it that interesting? That is my Daily Mobile Art on cloth. I will say the more I do this art on fabric, I get inspired when I see the out come and my imagination is expounded. Making me to see art beyond the canvas- anything is possible!

Wearing the African art cloth







Aesthetical Mind, Collage of Colours…….

aesthetical collage art of colours with mediums in canvas, newspaper,magazine, cork... by eghosa Raymond akenbor

A creator look onto his/her environment and sieve aesthetics from the abandoned. He explore and bring out the poetry in what is seen as worthless, giving the abandon a Noble purpose of adding colours, hope, excitement, beauty… the environment.

Art is a reflection of its maker, it speaks volume of the inner most reality of the artists- that is a pure and sincere work of art. Straight from the heart. What you see above is my aesthetical mind, a mental picture of my world explored with newspapers, magazine, cork, canvas…… A collage art of hues.