” Purchase a Gouache Pattern Painting with Blue and Orange Colours “

“The ideas must all be in the eye before they are carried out with the brush”.(Anonymous chinese painter)

I was sitting in my office some months ago having a quiet moment with myself. Then a patterns of blue colours just flash through the “eye’s of my mind“. I took a pen to make a rough sketch of what I saw, the sketch was like a scraps of patterns. I spent some days to develop the scrap into a repeated pattern.

Rhythm, repetition, motifs. patterns, flow are the attribute of nature and everything around us.  The rhythmic beating of the human heart, The continuous colour flow of the cloud, The clapping of rains on roof tops, The repeating wave of the sea. . . . All these are nature’s repetition.

The painting above is titled “Patterns 2 ” is the second collection in my series of pattern painting. The mediums are gouache on a paper board and a glue mixed with gouache to make the colour opaque and thick in other for me to paint an emboss times like stitches on my art piece.

This art work display the continuous use of lines, dots, space, shapes and a vibrate uniform stitches is added for colour emphasis.

To all art loves, this original painting is for sale at a very thoughtful price, to purchase this gouache painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com


“Buy a Colourful Mixed Media Painting of an African Masquerade”

Last week I could not send a blog post I was a bit occupied by my job as a teacher. I teach fine art in a high school to support my passion for Art. You may wonder how i create time for my art, I make use of my holidays and week ends.

The art piece above is one of my collection I made two months ago. The mediums are oil paint, canvas, fabric ( African cloth ), jute bag, yarn ( for needle work ) and the work is titled ” The Colourful Masquerade ( O-Juju ) “ with a dimension of 82.4cm/91.5cm.

This work was inspired by my fear of masquerade when I was a child. In those days in my village as a child we call them ” O-Juju” they were scaring, colourful, decorative and interesting in their dance steps during our village festival, we were so afraid of them, we hide at the back of our parents,uncles or aunt to watch them.

Even with fear we enjoy the moment of their masquerade parade , it was entertaining!

The design of this art collection was drawn from a popular indigenous musical artist in my country Nigeria named ” lagbaja “. He is known for a colourful masquerade  costume which he wear during stage performance. I call him the refine and modern African masquerade.

To all who find this work interesting, this original mixed media painting is for sale at a thoughtful price of $1800. To purchase this art work contact me though- raymonde234@yahoo.com