An African Colourist Fashion & Style.

It’s a good feeling when you look stylish in your outfit, it affect everything about you, you are outstanding and a center of interest in your outing. An African colourist fashion gives you that feeling and appearance.


Wearable African Art by Gidigba Label.

When one decide to express & explore passion/talent, productivity & creation becomes unlimited, it keeps going on & on it never stop, till infinity. Even when you are gone, generations continue from where you stop.
The Wearable African Art is highly inspired by passion, it is my dream & vision to document the African expressive colours, style, abstractism, culture and symbolism through fashion. My next post will explore photography of the above Wearable African Art on models. Gidigba Label..

Abstract African Painting: HEAD IN SERIES I.

Every brush stroke,
Every sketch,
Every display of colours,
Every figure or non-figurative expression,
It’s less than 30% of the artist imagination or ability.
Time, space, resources, inevitabilities & the artist himself…..
Are factors that stand against their prolific, flawless & dynamic creativity.
Anytime i create something new it gives birth to chains of ideas waiting to be explore.
I pray to my creator to give me the strength & privilege to express my dexterity in totality.
The above abstract painting is titled- Head in Series I. It is my first art on canvas this year, inspired by my wearable African art- Gidigba Label.