New Sample of Colourful Customized Female Fashion.

Hand-made painting and designing on female clothPainting on Fabric, another Customized Female Top. Hand made painting on cloth, the colourful design on cloth was inspired by leaf patterns. 


Still Experimenting on Colourful Mixed Media Paintings

A Photo of an African colourful Experimental Painting

This art is part of my body of works in 2013. It’s with a dimension of 30cm/32cm, an Experimental mixed media painting on a paper board with mediums in fabrics, buttons and acrylic. I resolved into smaller size Mixed media Painting due to my tight schedule as a school teacher and also the raining weather at that time. no better sun light to dry my heavy mixed media Experimental Paintings.

To keep the spirit and the passion for the art burning, i have to express myself colourful in one way or the other. see more……….

An African Abstract/Mixed media on a Cartridge Paper.

Mixed media on cartridge paper

With the use black ink, Pencil, Marker, Charcoal pencil and Acrylic on a Cartridge paper to express an abstract thought and idea. Its a quick work/art to exercise my imaginations at a particular time, especially when i don’t have all the time to do a big size work. And i feel like painting, then I taught of a quick art like this on a cartridge paper.

This is an expressive African, Abstract Mixed media Painting on a Cartridge Paper.  for more Art………..

A New Experimental Colourful Painting

Abstract,Colourful and mixed media Painting

Another Experimental Painting on paper board with medium in fabric, lace materials, button and acrylic, i explore my taught, my aesthetic imaginations, my fear- if the painting will come out beautifully. In all it’s just an experiment to develop and explore my flexibility in painting and designing

The art is untitled with a dimension in 30cm by 35cm. See more experimental art @

Designs, Motifs, Harmony. Colourful Mixed media Painting.

The Conversation.

I titled this Colourful Mixed media Painting– The Conversation. It is my imaginative idea of my African dolls in a communicating spirit. Feel the movement of lines, shapes and forms, before i forget- Colours. Every element in the art is to express design, imagination, motifs and harmony.

Dimension 81cm by 92cm, medium- wood dusts, acrylic and canvas. year- 2013. more…..