An African Experimental Mixed media Art Piece

These art piece is from my series of works in the early part 2011. It is an Experimental Art piece with material like the African Traditional Mat, covers of Jerry-can and container,cloth( African Tie & Dye Fabric), Yarns with oil paint on canvass.

The concept of this mixed media painting is about creating an African Decorative Traditional Mask using found object, but my interest was the effect of the African traditional mat on the art piece.

In creating this art i almost abandon the work because it was not giving me what i had in mind. But i manage to complete it because i see every work of art as a statement or documentation of an unborn concept which can be develop further to create a new art.


Purchase a Colourful Landscape Painting of Rocks in Poster Colour/Gouache Titled:The Mother and Child

Titled: The Mother and Child, Medium: Poster colour(Gouache) on Paper Board, Dimension: 55cm/43.4cm, Year: 2012.

The huge presence of a mother is indisputable, its like a backbone of every child. Their presence is like a fortress filled with love, care, understanding, beauty, sweetness……. Most time i call them an umbrella of care. If this art piece was done earlier than this, it would have been a befitting picture for Mother’s Day.

I explore rock as a subject to paint the Beauty and Importance of Mothers to the World at large, because rocks are known for their foundational and structural quality and are also known for their richness in adorable ore and minerals.

I dedicate this Harmonious and Colourful Landscape Painting of Rocks to every woman and mothers all around the world. I appreciate you all from the heart.

Original African Adorable Landscape Painting in Poster Colour(Gouache) for Sale.

An African sweet and Adorable Landscape Painting in Poster Colour(Gouache),titled- A Home on the Rock. with a dimension of55cm/43.4cm, designed in 2012.

A Home on the Rock, just imagine building your home on the rock if never shake or fall. It will stand tall in times of difficulty’s and challenges, its always ready to weather any storm. Just like the passage from the holy bible in the book of Luke 6:46-49 which explains Building a House on a Solid Foundation.

My painting goes beyond the visual meaning is more about the foundation of anything you can think about. I use this medium to pray for every relationship, marriages, businesses and investment that the lord almighty will strengthen your foundation to weather every storm that comes your way Amen.

Buy a Sweet African Landscape Painting on Poster Colour(Gouache),Titled: Lets Go There.

Title: Lets Go There.

Medium: Poster Colour(Gouache) on Paper Board.

Dimension: 55cm/43cm

Year: 2012

Lets go there…….

A place where we can relax and gist

A place where we can play together like children

A place where we will forget about tomorrow and enjoy the moment

A place where we can enjoy the Cool Natural Breeze from the Trees

A place where we can embrace nature and kiss her on the face, hmm……

Ha! I just want to go there

A place where we will feel relax and express our feelings

A place where we can meditate and think about creative ideas and concept

Hmm! lets go there……………..

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The African Poster Colour(Gouache) Nature Landscape Painting of Designs.

The above Landscape Gouache Painting is a composition from a photograph i snapped some months ago and a combination of my imagination, by giving my bushes,grasses and trees some interesting and Abstract Shapes and Forms.

I don’t like coping nature in toto on a flat surface its uninteresting, because it is what i see every day. I just paint and express how i feel about nature. It’s Continuous and Repeated Dynamic Flow of Abstract Designs in Colours,Shapes and Forms.

As an Artist i try to Study Nature and paint continuously in order to be able to express my feeling completely about nature(my environ).

A New African Acrylic Decorative Painting of African Designs and traditional Patterns.

Title: The African Dolls

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Wood Dust, Canvass

Dimension: 91.5cm/82cm

Year: 2012

This is one of my African Decorative Painting inspired by African Traditional Patterns. My Pattern for designing my canvass are mostly imaginative. When I stare at my canvass or a sketch pad all i see or imagine is various combination of lines,space,shapes,dots to create a unique rhythm or flow of Patterns/designs of aesthetic symmetry.

This art piece was completed today,after completion i felt like an accomplish being,my day was complete. Again i told myself i have some thing to show for today. My work of art are never deep i.e not difficult to understand. It all about Harmonious Colours, African Ancestral Symbols,Motifs and Patterns.

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