”A sample of an African Fashion(a Black African Sleeve Top Design with Acrylic Paint)”

These is a Black African Sleeve Top Design with Acryic and textile ink. The Concept behind this design is Nigerian Asoke(a Weaved fabric material) Muffler which we wear on our Traditional Cloths,the muffler add Style and Variety to the Nigerian Fashion.

My Craft is Painting on fabric top using Brushes,Stencil,Accidental Design or Splashing of Colours. I try to convert the fabric Top to a Canvass.I see humans as a surface or wall where i can hang my design,it make my design mobile. My African Hand-made Design Top are For Sale.


” A Perfect African Cultural Wear(Acrylic Designed White African Top) “

Set yourself apart with an African Stylish Cultural Hand-made Design Top. The Idea behind this design is the display of Colour Contrast.

I see this cultural top making a good combination with a Pair of Jeans/Trousers of colours like a Cool Shade of Blue,Gray,Black etc.