Entertain the Eyes & Mind.

The colour inter play, its movement. The dynamic rich textures, forms, the way it flows to inspire imaginations is the concept behind this 2 dimensional contemporary expression, it goes on & on to entertain the eyes & the mind.
Whatever you see & imagine on this work of art it’s your own story & title.


Visual Energy on Canvas

The first art for the year, it’s the part 2 of my previous work- Two Pieces 1. A fusion of two ideas in one, in creating this abstract expression I make sure the both imaginations are explore fully in accordance to the way I feel. I will create more of these concept, maybe two more or so, because am enjoying the experience – watching & feeling the visual energy radiating from the canvas, its really amazing.

The size of painting is in 100cm by 100cm, medium are- tissue papers, perforated papers, acrylic and canvas, title- Two Pieces 2.