Paper Collage Expression by an African student, Titled: The Festival.


The above photo shoots are Paper Collage Practical Work/ Processes of a student of my, this is his final year visual art project work on the theme- “The Festival” in high school or secondary school. He is the only student offering visual art in my school out of 50 to 70 students. To some of my readers out there it is kind of strange but that is how it is in my society.

The society and the school system to some extend encourages students to go for courses like medicine, engineering, Accounting, Administrative courses and science courses even when the child is gifted in Art. I remember one time I was discussing with one of my S.S1 i.e. senior secondary student that is so talented, to an extend I envy him because when I was at his age or stage I wasn’t has good as him. I admire and give him all the encouragement and support.

In a nut shell, I asked him-  my man, what do you intend to study when you get to the university? He told me that he would love to be an artists but he said when he told his mum, she reply saying that artists are poor people. When he told me I shook my head and smile. That is the society am living in, most times I ask myself questions like, how have this so called professional course affect my society? For me it is minimal, they are just big names which the society wants to hear but Arts in many ways has promoted my society ( Nigeria) nationally and internationally in the aspect of Literature, poetry, theatre art/drama, music, textile, architecture, fashion, painting, sculpture etc.

A country where engineers can not live up to their profession, where by a university train mechanical engineer can not fix a car rather than employing the services of a road side mechanic, even in the medical field, people fly abroad for a better medical care. Just imagine!

Hmm! I have almost deviate from my main topic on Paper Collage Expression by an African Student. However let me introduce my student, his name is Fred or Osarodion, is a creative artist that look up to me. I admire him a lot because of his deep passion for art, I see him as a great artist. And his is opportune to have some one to look up to and be encouraged because when I was at his level and age I never had any one to look up to as an artist.

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Another African Landscape Painting Expressed with Gouache/Poster Colour

A NEW POSTER COLOUR PAINTINGAnother African Landscape Painting expressed with Gouache/Poster Colour on a paper board. This is one of my recent landscape art which was done last week. it is an interpretation of an area in delta state named Agbor in my country Nigeria. I was in Agbor at the early part of April to see an artist friend of mine, just to spend the week end with him.

Every area or scape in different part of the world has it’s own uniqueness, this town is not left out, it is endowed with valleys and hills showing distant roof tops and buildings with  narrow roads which flows through the town like snakes or twines. I found the scape of the town beautiful. For me it was more than just viewing it, it is expressing it with brush and colour on a surface.

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Gouache/ Poster colour Landscape Painting Titled: Alone in the halls

SAM Landscape

The above Gouache/ Poster colour Painting is titled ‘Alone in the Hills‘. It was inspired from one of my photo shoot i had some time ago, around last year on my way from Benin to Enugu in Nigeria on a bus. During the trip the bus broke down, so we had to stop by the road side why the driver was working on the bus.  On one side of the road there where hills cover with vegetation and i saw a house standing alone on the hill with no house around it, for me it was a beautiful sight.

After staring at the scene for a while I begin to ask myself a lot of questions like – why is this house all alone on the hills? Is there anyone living in that house? What kind of person would be living in such a lonely and bushy environment? Would this persons not be attacked by some kind of creeping animals? However i was full with a lot of questions but i kind of love the scene and it was thrilling to me.

Last week as i was screwing through the photos on my phone, than i saw the photograph. I told myself i have to paint this photo. The memory of the scene was still fresh and beautiful in my head. That is the story behind this Gouache/Poster Colour Painting.

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A Sweet African Landscape Painting on Gouache

colourful gouache Landscape painting

This painting is my first gouache landscape art piece on a paper board this year, I have been so consumed and exited with experimental paintings on various mediums. I just have to carve out time to create some landscape paintings which was my first love as an artist. I have always enjoy landscape paintings especially those that expresses clouds, trees, bushes, interesting paths or roads with a snake like movement and few houses/figures to complement the composition.

The above art piece is an impressionistic documentation of a part of an African rural daily activity i.e. farming (Agriculture). It shows distant figures returning from the farm after a hard day’s work

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Photos on Culture Day Celebration by Primary/Secondary School Students


Cultural African MealCultural African Meal 1Cultural African Meal 3Culture Day CelebrationCulture Day Celebration 1Culture Day Celebration 2Culture Day Celebration 3Culture Day Celebration 4Culture Day Celebration 6Culture Day Celebration 7Culture Day Celebration 8Culture Day Celebration 9Culture Day Celebration 10Primary school student expressing their cultural inheritance.Primary school students exhibiting their cultural inheritance.Primary school students exhibiting their cultural inheritance..Primary school students expressing their cultural inheritance 53Primary school students expressing their cultural inheritance.54Primary school students expressing their cultural inheritance.55Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.56Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.57Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.58Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.59Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.60Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.61Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.62Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.63Secondary School students Exhibiting their Cultural Inheritance.64The Yoruba Ladies.66The Yoruba Ladies.67Yoruba DanceBini DanceBini Dance 1Calabar DanceCalabar Dance 1Delta LadiesHausa LadiesIgbo DancersIgbo Ladies

The above photos are the remaining from my last post on Culture Day Celebration by Primary/Secondary students. The photographs explore culture dances, various tribal attires and local delicacies.

The celebration is aim to educate the student on their culture values and activities, i.e. how to greet elders in their local dialect, how to prepare some of their local dishes, how to dress and know their own cultural dressing and costumes, they are been taught their local traditional songs and dance steps. To crown it all, the students are taught how to construct a hut with bamboos and palm fronts.

All these things are met to inculcate our African traditional values on the young ones because development and the western or foreign influence is eating up most of our traditional values and culture. However just enjoy the photos.

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