A New Experimental Colourful Mixed media Painting

A new experimental colourful mixed media painting by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

Wow! is been along time almost a month and some days i have been offline, but i am back. I really missed been online to express my concept, feelings to the world through my art. The above mixed media painting is my Newest Experimental Painting on Canvas, exploring cartons, foams, acrylic on canvas.

I have been nursing this concept on my mind for a long time but recently, i was able to paint it out. I was so happy when i finished the art, it was like a journey to the unknown, at the beginning i was getting discourage, i abandon the art for some days not knowing how to go about it.

However it came out well, all thanks to God almighty for his divine concept. Hopefully, i will create and explore more on this concept, to express my restless mind to Create New Colourful Mixed media Art. The art is titled- Scatter am, Arrange am. That was what came to my mind when i finished the art- it was like a scattering or disarrangement of objects, things…. to create a New Thing.  Dimension of the painting- 82/82cm.