African Artistic Fashion.

When I wake up each day I pray to my creator for new inspiration, that today’s idea will be different and better than yesterday’s idea- it should be like the dynamic features of the sky. It’s never ending, it’s flowing. The African Artistic Fashion wear below, it’s one of the most ordered design amidst my designs recently.
And I desire to create more better Artistic Fashion than this.


Cloth- A Canvas for Expression.

Cloth, my new found canvas to express so many feelings, the feeling I express the most is my happiness, positivity and hope in respective of the situations around me.
Let me say- that is why I don’t spare my usage of colours when designing, it is my exhibition of a very positive feelings……. Gidigba Label.

Gidigba Label Designs

Its concentrated, no atom of dilution.
Its not the copying from a reference or from an existing design.
The reference of these design is from the Artist Mind.
The design is fresh because its the Artist himself.
The totality of his state of mind.
Gidigba Label Designs.


Wearing African Painting on Cloth.

I decided some months ago to do photo shoot of models wearing my African Painting on Clothes, I want my audience to enjoy the interaction of painting on fashion, the models- their gesture, and the environment, its really lovely. It’s an exhibition of a locomotive art piece.

More photo shoots, I want to enjoy the pose and gesture. Gidigba Label.