African Cultural Photography/Poetry- From a Nostalgic Adult

Cultural Photography Concept.


I miss my innocence,

I miss the time when I said

“Breaking time” and “ poo poo”

Didn’t know the price of garri,

Couldn’t say my house address,

Couldn’t spell my surname.

I miss my ignorance,

I miss the times when I didn’t

Put my trousers below my waist,

When I feared darkness,

Cried bitterly and noisily,

Didn’t know my failings.

I miss my childhood,

Times when I didn’t know the differences;

Rich and poor;

North and south.

Didn’t know the things under her skirt,

The thing between her legs.

                                                                                                   Nicholaus Abiebnode


Dwelling in Sweet Colours: Colourful Mixed media Painting.

A colourful Mixed painting, experimental painting by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

This is my last mixed media painting in 2014, created with my usual medium- papers, acrylic and canvas. I titled this art “My Dwelling”. It is a futuristic title. It is what i want my dwelling to be. A dwelling of sweet and vibrant colours, swimming and drowning in dramatic colours. And I wish everyone a colourful dwelling in this season of celebration and in the new year.

I am getting my canvases ready, preparing my first set of Mixed media Paintings for 2015. I want them to be new and fresh, different from my works of 2014.