Entertain Every Eyes & Mind.

Bountiful Flowers in Reds, it is an expressive imaginative painting of colourful flowers & vase. The mixed media art is intentionally design to warm and entertain every eyes and mind that views it.


Electrifying Expression

De Afterthought Art II. The second painting from my afterthought series. When the concept did not come out the way I pictured it in my mind, I changed the art to this electrifying expression of colours. It’s medium- tissue papers, yarns, acrylic and can be. Size- 2ft/2ft.

De Afterthought Art I

Let me write about how i felt during the creative processes…….The colourful mixed media art is titled – De Afterthought Art I. The expression was not my initial idea, after a lot of thinking on what to create and many spontaneous brush strokes of colours on a textured canvas of tissue papers and yarn, this expression finally came through.
A mixed media expression is with a dimension of 2ft/2ft.

Explorative, Mixed-media Painting

Hope in My Shades I, is the title of this explorative, mixed media painting. 95% of this creation is covered with shades/dark hues while the remaining 5% is with a touch of red & white which transforms the art aesthetically.
Literally the painting is explain like this- in the mist of shades, darkness, hopelessness, discouragement, worst circumstances……. No matter how long the shades may linger there is always a glimpse of hope. “The darkest hour is just before the dawn”. It’s never easy, just try to stay focus and be hopeful, things are going to work out. The mixed media painting is with a dimension of 2ft by 2ft.