” A Simple Pattern Painting on a Black Linen Cloth( African Painting on Pattern/Design) ”

I met a client that was so crazy about Linen Fabric, he wanted my Pattern Painting on a Black Linen Cloth. So I had to take his measurement,purchase the linen material from a cloth shop than give it my tailor to sew the Simple African Native Design, before i make my Free-Hand Painting on it.

The design for this Cultural Wear is quit simple and distinct; The use of limited colour,just gold paint on a black cloth. I love the Brilliant Contrast.

Just to keep you inform of my subsequent blog post. From the month of May i will post a lot of my old & resent Artworks on landscape,mixed media,Fabric collage and African Patterns/Motifs Paintings.

Artistic Quote: As words/vocabulary are used to give an explanation,description or communication,also colours are the painter’s vocab for his description,explanation or expression.


” A Masquerade Pattern Design on an African Blue Native Wear(Painting on a Blue Cloth) “

The pattern for this African Native Wear is one of my favorite pattern which I call the ” Masquerade Pattern Design“. The design gives me a feel of the African Masquerade . In one of my  previous blog post,posted some days ago,the African Traditional Wear was design with the same pattern but simpler than this.

In designing this pattern on the Blue Native Cloth I had to add more colours,variety of lines,dots and splashes of dark value of hues to spice the design a little bit.

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” A Beautiful Sample of an African Feminine Design Wear(Cloth Painting) “

Designing an African Feminine Wear is quit interesting. In designing this African Cloth I was making every effort to give the Design/Painting on the African Wear a feminine touch… Yes, i think i was able to do that.

Few lines of Artistic Motivational Quote: Talent is overrated…there are thousands of people with talent and visual circuitry- It is what you do with the talent that count. (David Leffel)

” A Perfect African Hand-Made Design Traditional Wear “

When I drew this design on my sketch book, I wondered how to achieve it on the Fabric Wear. I had to use the Technique of Contrast (light value against a dark shade) to bring out the design.

In creating this African Traditional Decorative Wear, my idea was to express a decorative mind fill with Poetic Rhythm of Colourful Motifs and Patterns.

Most times its easier to express your ideas on a sketch pad, than bring it out to reality on a Two-Dimension or Three-Dimensional Form. I spent countless hours,days,weeks and even months on an art piece trying to express my initial idea.

At time,I had to abandon some of my works & come back to them latter when my heads are clear,or i store them for reference purpose to create greater works in future.

From my little experience… An artist must have a spirit of exploring and experimenting ,persistence and determination to achieve Aesthetic Satisfaction.

” The Cuttest Painting on a Pink African Cultural Wear.(An Artistic Fashion) ”

Any time i create a design on an African cultural wear i tell myself – This is an Artistic Fashion or a Fashion for an Artistic Mind. I try to picture the Painted Wear on an artist or a writer in his or her exhibition/ interview. How do u see it? It would look creative and distinguish.

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