“A Decorative Collage/Assemblage Painting[ Title: Patterns of Blue]”

This collage/assemblage painting is tilted-patterns of blue with a dimension of 61.4cm/50cm. My work of Art is a combination of fabric and piece of bags. I used a yarn stain with blue oil paint to stitch the different patterns of materials together. The stitches are used to give my work a balance and harmony amongst the materials.

To all Art buyers [Art lovers], this Art is a homage to an artistic vision of the cubist movement in the 20th century abstract painters like Georges Braque and Picasso-who used found objects for painting and  geometric designs.

My inspiration for this Artwork is that- nothing is a waste, anything around you can be used as a medium of expression or reference [The Art of Recycling]. The piece of bags in my Artwork are the blue and yellow striped, they are called- “Ghana must go” traveling bags in my society [ Africa- Nigeria]. I was about disposing them because they were worn out, then i had a re-think that these bags can be put together with other fabric materials in my closet to create a beautiful composition.  This original Artwork is for sale at a very considerable price, to purchase the painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com


“Attractive Decorative Mixed Media Painting[ Title-The African Dance]”

This is one of my Decorative Mixed Media with a dimension of 91.5cm/82.1cm. My Artwork is made up of Oil Painting, Motifs and a striped Fabric Material stitch to a Canvas.

In this Pictorial Design i made use of Earthy Colours to create a Visual impression of an African Dance- the stitched striped fabric material at the left hand side of the canvas, the repeated Lines,dots and motifs that runs across and the fluctuation flow of colour pattern are what i use to express the stylized movement and pattern of the African Dance on my canvas.

The last time i visited my village [ in African]  was during its annual Festival. I was so thrilled by the dance steps of various dance group who were there to add colour to the occasion. The dance displayed were rich in patterns and Rhythm yet very communicative. It was there and then i got the inspiration to express an African Dance in a Two Dimensional Surface. This Original Artwork is For Sale a very considerable price, to Purchase the Painting contact me through- raymonde@yahoo.com

”A New Bead Painting in Mixed Media [Re-cycled Artwork]”

This is one of my Mixed Media Painting of a Bead with a dimension of 49.6cm/61.3cm. My Artwork is a  combination of Oil Panting and two different decorative fabric stitched to a Canvas. In my Composition of Design, i try to complement the colours of the fabrics, stitches with the bead and the background of my Artwork.

My concept for this work of Art is a reflection of my passion for beads, its cultural and unique values on those who wear them. More so, my Artwork revolves around Re-cycling of Materials, that is why fabrics are used in this Artpiece. This Original Artwork is For Sale at a very conserable prize. To Purchase the Painting contact me through- raymonde234@yahoo.com

”Interesting Artist’s Statement of a Mixed Media Painter”

Art is a life journey,where time and regular practice brings one to maturity. The more time i spend with Art, my existence on mother earth is defined and my regard for my creator is Amplified because of the talent he has endowed me. What a Privilege!

Inspiration for my Art is drawn from nature, the society, my life experience and daily activities. I hate to be bound to a particular medium of expression. Anything around me is a possible medium for painting. My Art is narrowed to Mixed Media [ Assemblage, Collage / Fabric Collage ]; Although sometime i do Portraits, and Impressionist Landscapes, mixed media gives me the freedom to express myself and Recycle Materials around me to create something beautiful.

Basically, my works are decorative and colorful in nature. I use more of fabrics, embroidery and African Motifs on my Canvas to give my work a unique fashionable style. I see my Artworks as a customized Aesthetic Piece any person would want to purchase from the gallery. However, my title and concept revolves round the beauty of my culture [ Africa-Nigeria] and the day to day activities in my present society. More so, i am more into Improvisation [answering question like-what should an Artist do when Art Materials are beyond reach, either because it is expensive or scarce? what should an artist do with the whole lot of things around him?]. I try to answer those question with my Two Dimensional Artworks. I have always loved the Cubist Movement, their works revolves around improvisation of materials. Watch out!! for my subsequent Blog Posts.