Oil Landscape on a Paper Board.

oil paint on paper board, expressional landscape artIts been a while I have made a landscape art, I get satisfaction working on unrepresentative and mixed media….. The unknown and context less piece than the above art. The oil painting on a small sized paper board is a nostalgia feeling of my beginning and first love on landscape art.


The art is one of my daily simple imaginative composition.





Early Portfolio of Poster Colour Paintings on Chipboard.

Digging from my portfolio of 2006/2007. These are landscape works in poster colour on chipboard in small sizes.

A small size poster colour, gouache painting-  pictorial composition on chipboard.

A small size poster colour landscape painting on chipboard.

This works are part of my beginning as a painter. At that time i loved landscape painting and portraiture, and was inspired mostly by the Impressionist Movement. I still and always love painting themes on landscape and portraiture.

A mini size poster colour landscape painting on chipboard.

This was one of my favorite at that time- Roof Tops.

A New Mini Colourful Landscape Painting on Chipboard

A small sized colourful landscape of a beach by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor.

A Mini Colourful Landscape Painting on Chipboard exploring acrylic to paint my Imaginary Beach Scape with the African concept. Recently, I have made series of mini paintings on chipboard, due to lack of resources to create big paintings.

However, last week i was able to make some sales to raise money to buy colours and materials to create Big Sized Mixed media Paintings, but am having limited time to create some because my school where i teach creative art is on section. I cant wait for the holiday which is in August to pour out a new mind on my canvas.

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MIXED MEDIA PAINTING: Colourful Poster Colour/Acrylic Landscape Art

Mixed media Landscape Painting in poster colour and acrylic

Landscape painting has been one of my favorite subject in painting and drawing, i dream in sweet and colourful foliage, clouds, tress, roof tops, snake like earthy roads, electrical poles with wires that add designs and a Unique Patterns to the landscape, in addition distant figures to garnish and give the art a focal point.

This post and painting is dedicated to Zeebra Designs & Destinations. Because it refreshed my first passion and love as a painter. Which is on landscape painting. Before i forget, the above Mixed media Painting is a combination of Poster colour and acrylic on a paper board.