Wearable African Art Design.

African wearable art design

Recently, as I ramble down from a church service on Sunday, in my subconscious mind I caught a glimpse of a new modified concept for my Wearable African Art Design which will be modelled in my next photo shoot project.
I was filled with joy and happiness, I couldn’t help it, that inner happiness was expressed facially like as if I had just received a pleasant phone call. These are what I express on my day to day African Wearable Art Designs.
You are not just wearing Art & Fashion, you wear the artist joy, smile, happiness, excitement…….. Amidst the situations around.


An Abstract Documentation.

abstract painting of colours

If am ask what is all these? what are you trying to telling your audience? i will say am enjoying, pleasing myself, interacting with my canvas in various moods. A true work of art is all about the artist and not the audience. Expressing what he or she thinks, feels inside and out.
A Deep Search in Space II, is the title of this Abstract piece of art. It’s a painting that document the artist search to unveil his true self.