A Wearable Art.

painting on cloth, African art on cloth

A finished wearable art,
Painting, designing
And documenting my freedom on cloth.


Wearable Art Design in Progress……….

wearable art designing in progress

I never felt like ending this art on cloth, it was like listening to my favorite sound continuously. Feeling, enjoying the rhythm, the variety, the contrast expression, going on and on pleasing myself. Every great art piece begins by pleasing the artist before the audience.
This is my newest wearable art in progress…….. An extension of my canvas.

A Designer’s Mind on Cloth.

an African designer's fashion

A designer’s mind on cloth. Satisfaction, aesthetic memories and my smile is expressed on this Wearable Art piece. You are not just wearing a cloth but a Designer’s mind.


Artistic Fashion Wear.

painting and fashion, artistic fashion wear

This is a drama of colours, lines, shapes and space on cloth. Each of these elements of designing are my language of expression, my tools to speak my thoughts and to painting my Artistic Fashion.


Decorative Fashion

designing fashion, African fashion design

No limitation in expression, as I think I let it out, it flows from with in. It is like writing an endless poetry, it goes on and on till am exhausted. The concept is decorating fashion with painting.

panting and fashion design


Conjunction of Art & Fashion.

art and fashion

Just a simple concept but colourful, eye catching, artistically customized for only you. A conjunction of art and fashion, all in one.

designing African fashion


The Designer’s Mind on Cloth.

designer on cloth

So much to say about the designer’s mind, which are:
The craving to experiment,
A hunger for dynamism,
Flexibility in ideology,
A persistent effort to be different & unique………………
The above art is a Designer’s Mind on Cloth.