A New African Simple Fashion Wear/Top.

There are some craft or Art which one has made you don’t really feel like giving it out, that was how i felt when I finished designing this African Simple Wear or Top. I felt like keeping it to myself but it’s not mine, it has all ready been payed for.


Creating an Embroidery Designs and Patterns with Paint on an African Traditional Wear

This is one of my Recent Design of an African Cloth Painting and Designing on a Navy Blue Simple African Traditional Wear. The Colourful Decorative Patterns and Designs was inspired by the Traditional African Fashion Embroidery Design.

The Colour Concept of Designing revolves around the families of blues and a Complementary Vibrant Colours of Orange and Red to make it more colourful.

A Vibrant African Motif and Pattern Designing with Gouache.

* Title: Series of Designs and Patterns

* Dimension: 50cm/50cm

* Medium: Gouache(Poster Colour), Paper Board, Pieces of Carton

* Year: 2012

Just pouring out Imaginative and Existing Symbols and Motifs i can remember or think of on a surface.

Exercising the mind to think and create new African motifs and patterns for designing.

Using motifs and patterns to say so many things at the same time.

Fractions of African folk tale, Masquerade, Mask, symbols and signs put together on a surface.

Telling colourful stories with designs and patterns.

Writing a poetry with harmonious flow of Mystical Inscription of Signs and Symbols.

Just designing with any thing that comes to mind.

A Harmonious and Colourful Gouache(Poster Colour) Landscape Painting,Titled: The forest concept

* Title: The Forest Concept

* Dimension: 50cm/42cm

* Medium: Gouache(Poster Colour) on Paper Board

* Year: 2012

For sometime i have been so busy with Painting/Designing on Cloth and my work as a fine art teacher,i could not really carve out a time to express myself on canvass or a paper board. I have been so disturbed because i have a lot of Sketched Concept,references and photo shoot of landscape which i need to express on a flat surface.

Yesterday as i closed from work i said to myself- i got to Make a Painting Today. After a brief relaxation i got my colours,easel,paper board,brushes,palette and with a Hungry Spirit for Painting I started the above Art piece and finished it. I was a bit satisfy.

This Cute Colourful and Harmonious Gouache Painting Landscape is for sale. Contact – raymonde234@yahoo.com

Designing a Nature Landscape with Imaginative Rhythm of Patterns,Tittled: The Road to the Farm.

* Titled: The Road to the Farm

* Medium: Gouache (Poster Colour) on Paper Board

* Dimension: 49.4cm/36.7cm

* Year: 2011

A Gouache (Poster Colour) Colourful Landscape Composition of a section of a road leading to the farm. A road surrounded with bushes and trees. The bushes,grasses and trees are impressionist display with ideas of Abstract Flow of Patterns. Giving the landscape a Decorative Style.