EXPERIMENTAL ART: Painting in Mixed-media.

mixed-media painting, art. mixed-media experimenting painting by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor
This invention is titled- When I Exhibit in My Blues. The Mixed-media Painting on canvas it’s on a dimension in 4ft/5ft. I spent much time on this experimental piece, I never felt like finishing the art. Hours, days and weeks I spent staring at the art on every of each stages completed.
The art gave me a feeling, a gratification of me being in the presence of my favorite belle, just being around her, dwelling between her warm and homey shelter. Wow! Hmmm….. I really enjoyed this 2 dimensional piece in relief expression, but I have to finish the art and create other Invention.
I am hoping my next art will surpass this feeling.



Newest and Modern Mixed-media Art.

a newest, modern mixed media painting on canvas by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

Every creator have something to say about his or her creation, whether a word or few words or plenty words. The processes, the influence of the art on the creator as he invent the art, night and day he dream and visualize about how to solve problems and limitations revolving in inventing the art piece.

The creation of art is about solving problems and breaking boundaries, principles, rules… Translating once imaginations, visions to reality for the audience to see and be inspired, entertain. On this note I inspire and entertain everyone reading this post with my Newest, Modern Mixed media Painting on canvas with a dimension on 5ft by 4ft.
The painting is born out of the concept of Figurine.