WORK in PROGRESS 2: African Fashion and Patterns.

A continuation from my last post on Work in Progress. This post will be my Work in Progress 2, painting the artists restless mind in lines on Cut Pattern Fabric.

Painting lines on a cut pattern fabric. A work in progress.

Painting lines on a cut pattern fabric. A work in progress.1

I paint the lines with liberty and the elimination of fear and mistakes. With the concept that every mistake is an origin or beginning of a new design on the fabric.

Painting lines on a cut pattern fabric. A work in progress

Painting lines on a cut pattern fabric. A work in progress

To be continue………. African Fashion and Patterns with painted lines….


WORK IN PROGRESS 1: African Fashion & Patterns in Lines.


An African handmade design fashion patterns in progressAm working on a new line design on the patterns of an African fashion, a simple free top. This is my Work in Progress– I drew free dynamic lines with the use of coloured chalk on the cut patterns of the yellow fabric, which is just a guide before the pigment application.

African pattern design in progress


Lines- an element, an ingredient, a foundation of aesthetics and simplicity. To be continue………


The Portrait.

A New Colourful African Portrait on Pastel by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

I hardly paint portraits because my mind is restless, burdened with context less aesthetic imaginations seeking for space and time to ejaculate them on a surface. But when I do portraits, I am very expressive- I romance, make love to the art tenderly like a “She”. Making every features of the portrait significant.

A sincere Artists that is true to his/her art create the art with love and tenderness like that for a soulmate.

An African Adorable Portrait Art.

An African Portrait Art on Pastel by Eghosa Ray Akenbor.

My first art in 2016, a portrait art in pastel on a paper board. As an artists I enjoy portraiture when its in the finished stage, the beginning stages comes with a lot of patience which I don’t have as an artists in abundance. Staying with an art pieces for hours, detailing to get the features and resembles of a client or persons is never my person.

But portraiture taught me to be patient with creativity. Happy new year everyone.