The Experimental Painting and Mind.

Experimental colourful mixed media painting by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor. Titled- The Imagery

The experimental mind, every day is a search to do something new, different from my previous works. The painting is a combination of material like cartons, papers, newspapers, foam, net, acrylic and canvas. The mixed media art is titled “The Imagery”. An image of my imagination on canvas.


Raw, Fresh Contemporary Mixed media Art.

Contemporary, modern and colourful mixed media painting. Tilted-The Dancer. By Eghosa Raymond Akenbor.

The art must be raw, fresh in it’s entity, full of energy and vigor. It reflect the heart beat of the creator in experimenting, exploring his dwelling in it’s beauty and diversification of materials. The artist desire it’s audience to feel and encounter the freshness of the artist medium used.

The Dancer is the title of this mixed media art, it emphasizes or an exaggerated expression of a Cultural Costume Shirt of an African Dancer on display or on the move. To all my viewers, take a deep, close view of the art piece and enjoy a dramatic visual experience.

Entertaining Mixed media Art.

The Two of Us. Fresh colourful mixed media painting on canvas.

Fresh hues on the move, a flow from structure to structure. Feeling the movement and its transparency in colours, definite shapes in square, rectangle and irregular shapes and form to an unlimited movement. The mixed media painting is created with the concept of entertainment, to entertain the artist and the audience. Me and my adorable viewers.

The painting is titled “The two of us”. A mixed media, acrylic and canvas.

The Abstract Painting, titled: The Invitation

Title- The Invitation. Medium- Newspapers, acrylic and canvas. Dimension- 81.5cm by 91.5cm. Year- 2015.

A mixed media abstract painting titled- The Invitation. Created with newspapers, acrylic and canvas, inspired by fresh earth colours and a touch of blue. After finishing the art all i could see or imagine is an invitation into the unknown which is beautiful. I mostly find it difficult to title my art. I start my painting with the concept of design, spontaneity and  colour before the title. A deep expression from the mind.

The following, are photos of one the painting process of the art.

A child on the canvas.1

That is my niece doing her thing, adding her own brush stroke to the painting.