Colourful Expression of Papers

A collage art in vibrate colours by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

A collage painting, a new path for me. Painting with out pigment just coloured papers, sachet and cartons around me, working with scraps on canvas. I want to enjoy the flow, the rhythm, the anticipation, the display, the manipulation of values and shapes…………………. I can’t wait for this new concept to develop beyond these.

These are few photos of the art in progress……

Artists on collage painting. 2

Collage painting in progress


Abgada Top for Ladies.

Packaged Abgada designed top for ladies. African style fashion for women.

From Nigeria we call this kind of top- Agbada top or Boubou top. It’s wide, flowing and a bit free. The Agbada wear is mostly use by men especially from the northern part of Nigeria– the Hausa and they have different name called Babban riga. We from the south call it Agbada.

The sewing/designing of this top is drawn from the Agbada concept. It is a simple fashion style for ladies.

Abgada designed top for ladies. African style fashion for women.

Colourful Painting in Papers.

Eccentric Collage painting on canvas by Eghosa Raymond Akenbor

The story behind this Fine Art is my spirit in the creation, a spirit of change. When a man is pushed to the wall, he becomes angry and attack. I will say- I was angry to change my medium and the way i paint. I looked at my pigment- they were all down and no fund to buy any. I spent days thinking but the environment which is ever a colossal of inspiration to an artist inspired me to paint directly with papers- magazine, newspapers.

In creating the art i was entertaining myself with the diversified used of colourful papers imbedded with words and images, each part of the collage art is explore with the same strength and interest- to entertain my audience. The art is in a dimension of 120/120cm on canvas.