A Fresh/New Poster Colour Landscape Painting

A sweet Epressive Poster colour Landscape Painting'httpthewanderlustgene.wordpress.comThis is a Fresh or Recent Poster Colour Nature Landscape Painting from me. The reference for this art piece was inspired by a photograph in an article titled “Alone with the Mountain” @  http://thewanderlustgene.wordpress.com, thanks The wanderlust for posting such a Natural and Sweet Landscape Photo.

The art piece is like painting my own response: feeling, joy, happiness, abstraction and a view to the above landscape photo. I expressed my freedom and transparency on the poster colour painting not copying exactly from the photo, but to create my own unique phase of the photograph.


A New African Cultural Customized Fashion.

Any time i create designs all i see or visualize/imagine is Painting African History,Culture,Spirit and Hereditary. Despite in many part of African our culture and tradition is been watered down by the western influence through their colonization and modern development but we the younger generation are trying to preserve the ones that are remaining and express them in any way that we can.

However, no need for too much talk just enjoy my New African Cultural Customized Fashion. ENJOY!

Re-Branding the African Cultural/Taditional Fashion.

This is another sample of my African Customized Traditional Textile Design for a Costumer, it was snapped immediately i finished designing the cloth. Any time i design an African Cultural wear my mind revolves on Re-branding the African Cultural Fashion.

I think or dream of giving it a new face or concept from the normal embroidery design that are done on the wears. I imagine giving the traditional cloth a Colourful African like T-shirt or Polo Design Print on the Wears.

Making the design look different from the normal embroidery design and Documenting the Colourful African Historical Designs,Symbols and Motifs/Patterns from various ethnic groups,culture and tribes on the cloth.

A Beautiful Imaginative Patterns and Motifs.

………Free the mind. Erase mistakes and fear. Let the joy, passion and love for the Art bust out from you into the opening. Despite the troubles, challenges and happening around you and the world at large, look inside of you and extract the natural abundant joy and peace God has placed inside of you. Express it out in what ever medium that you can. Make it beautiful and sweet because that is what you are……………………

The above Art piece is an Acrylic Abstract Painting on a Paper Board that picture’s a mind of passion and freedom. And Painting with Imaginative Patterns and Motifs to tell a beautiful story.

Acrylic Mixed Media Painting, Titled: The Portrait of the Mind.

This is a Mixed media Acrylic Painting with a dimension of 55cm by 43.4cm, the medium explore in this art piece are, pieces of cartons and moist tissue papers glued to paper board including thick applied glue on the surface paper board opaquely. I titled this art piece The Portrait of the Mind.

It is an Abstract piece that unveil a portrait of a dream like being on a textured or rough surface. The Art is a work that plays with Textural Rhythm and a display of lines, shapes and space unconsciously.